Maintenace Elements

At Eight Plus, here is what has been determined and documented by surveys; of potential customers, clients and benefactors:

1.They are compelled to devote greater percentages of income to personal transportation repairs. Usually, because they drive from break-down to break-down.

2.They have few options and less time available because their household living costs consumes a greater percentage of their income.

3.When it comes to personal transportation (budget wise), it is difficult to balance the “Stool”, the personal transportation stool (as defined by Ardinary©™) has three legs:

  • Purchase or acquisition
  • Operations (gasoline & insurance)
  • Maintenance

Purchase or acquisition are mandatory, and in one form or another assessable. Operations cannot be avoided. However, maintenance usually gets ignored until it becomes a critical repair, or worst, a major (often inconvenient) break-down. This missing third leg of the “stool” often cause disruptive chaos when the chain of life events snaps.

Teal Pontiac broke down on highway 2

4.Tight budgets are the main reason maintenance gets ignored. Closely following tight budgets is the costs of parts and labor. Unfortunately, not much can be done about the costs of parts. But, Ardinary©™ has devised a fair method to reduce labor costs. And, at the same time elevating accessibility to ethical, reliable, and qualified technicians.

Green Taurus on donut_no bumper 3

5.Education is perhaps the most challenging element in personal transportation equation.

Here is why: Most people surveyed are aware, or have experienced a leaking heater core and/or radiator; but, don’t understand the true cause.

Here is what is meant:   Heater cores and radiators fail, generally, because of sulfuric acid buildup and the corrosive effects throughout the entire engine cooling system.

Simply changing the antifreeze slows the process effects. Flushing the cooling system and neutralizing acid buildup, on a scheduled basis, can significantly reduce the exposures.

So, we ask, which is more preferable to you: less than $100.00 to flush and neutralize, or, $1,300.00 to $2,000.00* to replace and repair?

It’s the maintenance! Let Eight Plus show you how to attack the issue of lowering your personal transportation costs.

NOTE: “*” Rough estimate to replace heater core and radiator on 2000 Chevrolet pickup as illustrated by RepairPal®




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