Ardinary©™ the term, enjoys Copyright and Trademark protections. Ardinary, the abandoned spelling, was resurrected on or about 1997 for the sole purpose of global brand identification protections for this organization.

Ardinary©™ is phonetically spelled in the English language, and chiefly defined and meaning: Plain and simple. Thus Ardinary©™ should be classified as a homonym. Ardinary©™ rhymes with “ordinary” and can be utilized in various parts of speech and tense. All rights reserved.

However, Ardinary appears to have been coined by Scottish writer Robert Burns. Burns, a folk hero, poet, and writer of lyrics, who lived from about 1759 to 1796. Auld Lang Synge is the most universally recognized lyric written by Burns. While Burns works were mainly published in England, he was better remembered as The Barb of Ayrshire, and, considered the national poet of Scotland. Additionally, the term found its way into at least one English legal document.

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