We Support and Associate

We support the proposition of unifying remnants of persons with Native American Heritage. People who share lost and undetermined links to cultures, languages, customs, and faiths can reconnect through research, group organization, and DNA. Additionally, much can be learned and archived about such things as: Health and history when biological questions are raised and answered.

We support, associate, and share with entities exhibiting commonality of interest, values, purpose, focus, and goals. We believe there is strength in numbers that amply voices of the masses. Groups such as:

The Coltrane Group (currently without website)


Promoters and researchers of heritage involving Black Oklahoma Towns. The Coltrane Group also promotes interest and participation in genealogical research. Information developed and discovered is shared monthly with members, individual and professional researchers, as well as the general public. 


Descendants of Freedmen Associationwww.freedmen5tribes.com

This is a group made up of folks who are descended from slaves of the five tribes that used to be called the “Five Civilized Tribes”. Many are of Native and African descent. They eat Native foods, speak Native languages & share cultural events.


The Creek Freedmen Association – www.1866creekfreedmen.com

MISSION:  To Preserve and Protect the unique history, heritage and genealogy of the Muscogee Creek Indian Freedmen who were removed to Indian Territory (Oklahoma) on the Trail of Tears; and, to educate the public regarding the African Creeks’ political rights as citizens of the Creek Nation, as defined by the Creek Treaty of 1866(Article 2).


The Red Stick Warriors Associationwww.redstickwarriors.com

Association MISSION:  Preservation and perpetuation of language culture and traditions.


Red Sticks were a traditionalist faction of Muscogee Creek people in the American Southeast in the early 19th century. They led a resistance movement to European-American encroachment and assimilation; tensions culminated in the outbreak of the Creek War in 1813.


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